Residential Management: Expertly Managing Your Investment Property

At Relevé Real Estate, we understand that your residential property is not just a building, it’s an investment. That’s why we offer comprehensive residential management services that maximize your property’s potential and ensure a positive return on investment. We specialize in residential management and manage a variety of properties including single-family homes, multi-family units, townhouses, and more.
Our experienced team of property managers handles every aspect of residential management, from tenant acquisition and screening to maintenance and repairs. We use cutting-edge technology to keep you informed about your property’s performance and to quickly address any issues that may arise.

What We Offer

Tenant Acquisition and Screening

We’ll find the best tenants for your property, using a rigorous screening process that includes background and credit checks.

Rent Collection

We’ll handle rent collection and ensure that your property is generating the maximum possible revenue.

Maintenance and Repairs

Our team of trusted vendors will quickly and efficiently address any maintenance or repair issues to ensure that your property is always in top condition.


We’ll conduct regular inspections of your property to ensure that it’s being properly cared for and to identify any potential issues before they become major problems

Financial Reporting

We’ll provide you with regular financial reports so you can stay informed about your property’s performance and make informed decisions.

Legal Compliance

We’ll ensure that your property is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, so you can avoid costly fines and legal issues.

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